Mining & Mine Surveying branch is the only Branch in Chhattisgarh provided by Government Polytechnic Balod. This branch provides many opportunities in Mining sector. Around each corner of the country and in Chhattisgarh state it self such as Metal mines, Iron ore mines, NMDC, Coal mines.Mining Engineering is a discipline of engineering concerned with the technology, science, and application of minerals processed and extracted from a natural environment. The course focuses on the extraction of valuable ores. It entails a whole sequence of steps involved in mining operations- discovery, exploration, feasibility, production, processing, development, marketing and finally, restoration and rehabilitation of the land.

                Scope after Diploma

Students have the opportunities in Mining department as Shortfirer or Blaster, Mining mate/ Sirdor, Overman/ Foreman, Surveyor, Assistant Mine Manager, Mine Manager, DGMS Officer, Mining Inspector. Mining engineers often get competitive salaries due to the specialized nature of their work and the demand for their skills

Mining & Mine Surveying